But, it does reduce the overall abode edge to keep the odds arrange your come bets working on the come out roll. The fate of all Pass Line bets is dogged and Come bets are now acknowledged.

Come Bet Strategy -541732

By 10 times odds or greater, altogether put bets become better than their corresponding place or buy bets. All the rage other words the put bet does not get the benefit of appealing on a 7 or 11 arrange the first roll, but the anticipate immediately gets "put" on the advantage of the bettors choice. For your Flat Come bet, this roll is treated as the come-out roll, accordingly an 11 on the come-out cylinder for your Come bet wins. Accordingly, now in this example, you allow the 5 as your point designed for your Pass Line bet, and you have the 10 as your advantage for your Come bet. You be able to make as many Come bets at the same time as you want. In the end, laying the odds has zero house advantage. The way I understand the system: Wait until the shooter establishes a point. So you are missing the extra value of the first cylinder of a come bet. Is he correct?


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