I felt bad because he moved his hosting to WP Engine based arrange my recommendation. So with that acquaintance in mind and confirming that was the issue with a few Google searches I opened a support label.

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Wrapping Up My WPEngine Review

So as to took them 2 minutes to arrange out. Problem solved right? Such is the WP Engine support merry attempt round. Even with their bespoke abut end caching technology — which causes its own set of problems. All the rage other words so many people allocate positive reviews of WP Engine — for the money. That is not the case with WPXHosting. Suddenly I had to drop everything, find a reliable new host and move the entire site. Here is the ample email conversation that we had — notice how they dodge the reserve question, again.

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Wrapping Up My WPEngine Review

Accidentally I had the knowledge to acquire into PHPMyAdmin and manually change the setting in the database to crack it so at least I could access the admin area of my site. Ben responded pretty quickly after that promised to follow up with a call- I told Ben not en route for worry and to just give me a call on Monday. They had made this configuration change to the server without any kind of buyer notification. Continuing on the trend of excuses, this time they tried en route for blame the number of comments all the rage the database. So how on den was a link to the WP Engine homepage appearing on my blog? Instead of taking 2 minutes en route for fix the problem they created after they changed their server configuration devoid of notification and keeping their promise they decided to just cancel my agree to with them. This table was amount of the OIOPublisher banner advertising plugin that I use to serve ads on the site that would chronicle stats when a reader loaded a page on the front end of the website. Here is the accurate quote- Which is funny, because the site had been using the accurate same plugin versions when it was lightning fast. Well not really, they just installed a free plugin which gives you a basic overview of things.

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Agreed nothing. I checked the logs for my part and the site was only accomplishment spam comments per minute. Enough was enough. This is the amount of time it takes to receive the first byte of data from the server after requesting a URL all the rage your browser. I told them can you repeat that? the exact issue was and can you repeat that? needed to change for it en route for be fixed, instead of just cheat it they continued with their accustomed line of excuses and palming the issue off. I was wrong. It took them nearly 2 weeks en route for get to that after opening the initial ticket. Do you trust your business with someone that handles themselves like that? This is also individual of the key things that Google uses to determine site speed after that search rankings.


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