Although how do they work?

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Although how do they work? All erstwhile teams would enjoy a bigger allocate of the pot, and though the top three earners today would continue the top three earners in , their advantage would be significantly curbed. To understand just how the Blueprint 1 prize structure will change, it bears looking at the way it works at the moment. How a good deal is a victory worth? Not barely do they get that bonus designed for the factory Mercedes cars but they also get it for the Mercedes customer teams of Williams, McLaren after that Force India. For the back indication teams, just a handful of points is a massive bonus and would probably bring a decent reward designed for the working people in those outfits. F1 follows a strange revenue allocate model and we take an at great length look at how much money around is.

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Accordingly is the money distributed evenly all over the teams? All 11 teams be paid transportation costs. Forit is probably beside the point anyway, as all the teams arrive either Column 1 or 2 payments. As a result of these changes to the Formula 1 prize arrange, the top team would make barely about double the amount earned as a result of the bottom team instead of all but four times as much.

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How much is a victory worth? As a rule the money they will give add to the driver who has won the most- through bonuses to their salaries etc. So for us, concluding 11th means slightly reduced prize capital income, but it wasn't a argument of 'all or nothing' as a few people may have imagined it was. So is the money distributed calmly throughout the teams? All other teams would enjoy a bigger share of the pot, and though the acme three earners today would remain the top three earners intheir advantage would be significantly curbed. All 11 teams earn transportation costs.

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