This is particularly useful when using covertness mode.

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Vegas Casinos Warned About Card-Counting iPhone App

Master the fundamentals Practicing card counting should be a systematic process. How We Help. In Nevada, you can add up in your head all you absence, but the second you start using technological assistance, you've crossed a ancestry and are committing a felony. By the same time, they hate the fact that a few very able people can take a lot of their money.

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This new application is causing a allocation of fuss, and Nevada gaming regulators have issued a general alert a propos it, warning Las Vegas casinos a propos its potential use in gameplay. I had to completely guess if I was playing correctly. I'm sure it's nice when you can call the wife on your cell phone after that say you'll be a little after everyone else returning to the hotel room, designed for example. And this is apparently a very serious counting application. So why not take the time it would take to grow a virtual back before putting your real bankroll by risk? It never told me but I made a basic strategy bloomer. Note: When you purchase something afterwards clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Bootcamp Weekend is November in Vegas.


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