Anywhere do I find my Cashback Additional benefit totals?

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Accept Card Rewards. Yes, you can be paid Cashback Bonus when you use your Discover Card wherever it is acknowledged. Register Now. Remember, you must galvanize every quarter. For example, someone also could try to register an balance in your name using your email address. Online casinos use this alternative as an additional measure for your own protection. Some people may allow multiple email addresses; if this is the case for you, give your primary email address and make absolutely you use one that you appreciate the password to and access arrange a regular basis. What are my redemption options? Newly earned Cashback Additional benefit will appear on the first bleep of each monthly statement.

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What are my redemption options?

Can you repeat that? are my redemption options? Most commencement emails will mention if you allow not requested this activation email en route for either ignore it or to acquaintance customer service, and they will afford details. Yes, we automatically transfer your Cashback Bonus to your new Ascertain card account. If there are a few issues, the casino will advise you of the next steps in array to activate your account.

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It is an email that is sent to the email address you provided at registration that contains a associate from the casino. By doing this, you are confirming to the disco that you have received the email and you are who you about you are. Yes, we automatically assign your Cashback Bonus to your additional Discover card account. Online casinos abuse this option as an additional amount for your own protection. You be paid Cashback Bonus on every purchase. A few players may wonder whether or not the option of an activation email is safe.

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What happens if I change the email address associated with my Dropbox ?

An accurate email address is vital en route for successful gameplay at any online disco. That link when pressed will absolute you back to the casino you have just registered in. If this was to happen, you would accept the activation email.

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Not registered for the Account Center? But you did not receive your Cashback Bonus after making a category acquire, check the terms of the program. Log in to view a catalogue of our Partners. Credit Card Rewards. Look for your balance on the first page of your monthly Ascertain card statement. If this was en route for happen, you would receive the commencement email. It is primarily being old to make sure that when you sign up you are giving the casino a real email address.


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