Call should be used as an adjective only. Do not use abbreviation.

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Abuse the context of what you are writing to help determine what expression to use. Plural noun: how-tos. G GB—Abbreviation for gigabyte. It's sort of a hidden feature in the accumulation keyboard, so let's run through it to see how it works. MHz—Abbreviation for megahertz. Plural: CDs. Abbreviation designed for high-definition digital video disc or high-definition versatile disc. A private internal arrangement typically accessible only to a choice group of individuals.

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LCD—Acronym for liquid-crystal display. Secondly, the analytical text feature is pretty good by giving you the right suggestions, anywhere "nasa" would be automatically converted en route for "NASA. To microblog is to boundary marker short status updates about yourself before about an event using a microblogging service such as Twitter. Weblog is now considered archaic. Plural: GIFs.

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Plural, APs. Plural noun: how-tos. OK en route for use when space is a concern. Use boldface to make UI elements stand out in text. Fine en route for use when space is a concern. Bluetooth—One word. Access point—Abbreviate as AP. This could work in third-party keyboards as well, as long as you give them "Full Access" to analytical text in their settings. LaTeX—Document grounding system for typesetting.

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