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All the rage this case the disputed bets be able to not be appealed. If before the match, one of the tennis players refuses to play for any aim, is unable to participate in the match or is disqualified, then the bets placed for this match are eligible for a return settled along with the odds of 1. For today's horse racing odds and fixtures bets you can easily get all the information you need. If the area of conducting a meeting is not indicated in the line, in the list of events the host of the field is indicated firstly, apart from for competitions of American types of sports. Volleyball Create a Bet Offer! In this case, the program calculates the ratio of the coefficients 1. If there were related or charge events in the multi bet, the event with the highest odds ash for calculation. With the latest fixtures and up-to-date Odds on every Sport, Race or Special bet you be able to rest assured that we will accomplish as your one-stop online mobile bookmakers.

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Bets logically determined at the time so as to the match is stopped. At the end of the most prestigious tournaments the decisive set i. Bets are also accepted on other probable events in football matches, which will be offered in the program. The challenge player must return the ball ahead of it touches the ground more than once.

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All the rage case a winner is required after a while of 2 halves of 15 minutes each is appointed and the act continues till the 1st scored aim. It is offered to predict which team will make the first changeover in the match in case according to the report of the agree with the event is recorded at the same minute for both teams, the bet amount is refundedin which offered period of time one of the teams will make the first changeover the interval of minutes is indicated inclusiveif the substitute will score all the rage the match or not. Each band is allowed 30 seconds to aim the ball. Each team uses a set of 8 stones per aim, 16 stones in total are played during an end. The match consists of odd frames.

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A bet is considered to be acknowledged after its registration on the attendant and its on-line confirmation. Bets are accepted on the final result of a match with all the apparent additional periods innings taken into balance. There are intervals of 2 minutes each between the periods. Points awarded for balls: Red — 1 advantage Yellow — 2 points Green — 3 points Brown — 4 points Blue — 5 points Pink — 6 points Black — 7 points TENNIS Tennis tournament consists of sets, which in their turn consists of games, and games consists of points. BANDY Is a winter team sport played on the ice rink amid 2 teams of 11 players apiece side, including the goaltender. If the score is tied at the aim of 3 periods, additional time after a while is appointed. The event results acknowledged by the betting company are the only grounds for calculations of bets and winnings. The main difference amid these variations is the number of players, 15 and 13 accordingly.

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Above and beyond, multi bets may not be acknowledged on certain events by the acumen of the organizer. A bet arrange individual total includes number of goals, points, games, etc. Score is not calculated in numbers after In argument of victory, the win will be rubles - 1, x 1. RUGBY The match consists of 2 halves of 40 minutes each overtime after that compensated time not included with intervals of 5 to 10 minutes. Barely your first bet is eligible designed for the offer.

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