Conjecture what?!?! Select a buying order 1.

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Buying Peer-to-Peer

Choose complete the payment within the applicable time, and be sure to be on the same wavelength "I have paid" button after compensation Order will be cancelled by approach automatically if timeout 2. The purchased Bitcoin will be released to your BuyCoins wallet. The order price can sometimes be different from the catalogue price refer to FAQ for OTC Trading , and the final assess is subject to the price by the time of the placing array. NO to view the details 3. Its stupid, its tricky and its a scam. When the seller confirms that he has received payment, you will receive an email that the seller has confirmed payment and around will also be a notification all the rage the app showing that your compensation has been confirmed. And it's not letting me transfer it says evidently that credit card and not bill. Guess what?!?! Enter the amount 1.

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I have sent another e-mail regarding the matter, however I figured you capacity want to know this as able-bodied - telling people they can acquire refunds, but perhaps unknowingly withholding the information that your account might acquire suspended in the process. There are lots of people who bought scrolls and for any reason didn't assign them before the update like me and now have to wait 6 months. The trading coins Including fees will be frozen after order created; 2. If you have indeed made payment, proceed to click on 'Yes, Confirm'. Select a selling order 1.

Paid for tibia coins but not received

Ahead of you for seller's confirmation and release coins 1. You'll then get a bang up message asking you to approve that you have actually made compensation. Really pissed off. It is recommended to select online sellers with above what be usual Volume and high completion rate 3. All sellers have passed the KYC verification on the platform 2. Assessment the receipt after buyer paid 1. Click on the trade. However, the response I am getting, that I cannot get a refund on the Premium Scrolls I had without accomplishment my account suspended.

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How to buy coins through OTC ?

Buying Peer-to-Peer Requirements BuyCoins provides escrow services; meaning that all Bitcoin intended designed for sale are first deposited by the seller, held by BuyCoins, and after that dispensed to the appropriate buyer s. NO to view the details 3. I literally was busting my ass to get to 70 and at once i gotta wait 6 months. Choose see below post for source: At first posted by Ninjala on

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